Law enforcement organizations today use separate systems to manage and view squad car video, mobile wearable video, and safe city camera footage. Often the review process of video is documented with pen and paper. This way of operating is outdated. Vergence is the tool that makes it quick and easy to incorporate video evidence into investigations. Vergence aggregates many camera sources (traffic cameras, dash cameras, body cameras, etc) and makes them easy for investigators to access. 

Investigators can collaborate on the same video by creating 'tags' that are easy to search and retrieve, simplifying the chain of custody process. Vergence can also leverage disparate data sources and computer vision to automatically tag video, making it easier to search and identify interesting events. Vergence features an intuitive interface that empowers users to review, tag, and collaborate on video from any of your sources in one place, without the need for camera vender proprietary software.

Vergence complies with all CJIS security policy standards. We ensure your data remains unaltered and encrypted until the time you export it to safeguard the chain of custody.

  • Do investigators manually retrieve video from the field?
  • Would you like to use more video in investigations but can’t because of the resources required to incorporate video in an investigation?

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  • Is reviewing video a time intensive and difficult process?
  • Do investigators scrub video manually to find interesting events?
  • Do investigators use legal pads to record interesting events and log evidence?

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